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Electric Meter
LED Tube
  • Electric Meters

    Electric Meters

    Here is our electric energy meter, including CT, M-BUS, 485 - function single - phase and three - phase meter.

  • LED Lamps

    LED Lamps

    Our LED products, to achieve the customization of your lighting requirements.



    More than 10 years of ODM/OEM experience for you to provide more quality and reliable service.

About Us

In June 2004, NATION ALLIANCE LIMITED was set up in Shenzhen by our founder Mr. Li. Since its establishment, combined Mr. Li's traditional Chinese thinking of PEOPLE FIRST with German rigorous and exquisite manufacturing quality requirements, She has been always acting in the market and industry with law-biding, reliable, controllable and traceable characters which well-known by her customers, suppliers and employees.



  • Factory


    More than 6000 square feet of the site to provide employees with a comfortable working environment.

  • Equipment


    injection machine, EMI, reflow soldering, wave-soldering, surface mount system and other equipment ensure our production efficiency.

  • Team


    Young, energetic and innovative, this is our team.

  • Certificate


    Since 2004, Shenzhen ChuangRen Technology Co., Ltd. certificates represent more than honor, as well as strength.



  • 12 2017-08
    Outdoor Hiking——《Walking…Sweating》

    Company are free to organized the Outdoor Hiking with “Walking ,… Sweating” as the theme on August 11, 2017(Saturday), 25 people actively participate in this activity, gathered in front of the flag stand at 6:15 in the morning to make…

  • 26 2012-11
    Outstanding staffs of the year 2011-2012

    In April 2012, the 2011 -2012 annual outstanding staffs of the selection work recommended after each department manager and then by 10 managers delegation conducted a rigorous review, eventually there Maobi Shen, Laju Tang, Jiaoyue Zhang, Bo Tang, Hui Dai,Xiaoshan…

  • 18 2012-08
    Speech contest regarding Olympic

    On August 17, 2012 afternoon 18:10, developed final lecture with the theme of < what do you think of the Olympic Medals>, there are 3 people into the final round, this speech was designed to enhance and stimulate the expression…

  • 27 2012-06
    Chuang-ren eighth anniversary celebration

    June 25,2012 is the day of the celebration of the eighth anniversary of the company, the company set up a “eight years on the road, always have you” variety show team specially, after a long period of organization and planning,…

  • 12 2012-01
    2012 Annual Party

    Celebrating the New Year, display Chuang-ren style, motivate all colleagues with much more fill of spirit of struggle to meet the Year of Dragon, the Annual Party held in the New Green Lake restaurant on the evening of January 10….